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HH2106 Camouflage Heated Hoodie Zipper Sweatshirt Battery Heated Waterproof Windproof


    The camo pattern is licensed by Mossy Oak which is number one camouflage pattern in America. So you will not be worried about infringement problem. Fleece lined hunting jacket is especially designed for hunting game. We have several camouflage colors and designs to match the season and situation you enter. Camouflage jacket help conceal well in the jungle or grassland. 

    Hoodie:   The shell fabric is soft shell. Soft shell fabric has 3 layers, outside layer is 95% polyester & 5% Spandex, middle layer is TPU membrane which is waterproof and breathable, inside layer is polyester fleece. The lining is fleece. The feeling is quite soft and comfortable to keep you cozy.


    The built-in controller LED button is on chest. By the way, the LED button could be made on the lining inside the jacket according the customers’ needs. It has 3 heat settings. Keep pressing the button for 2 seconds, the button will be lighted. After 10 seconds, you could feel warm. And it could reach 60 degrees Celsius in one minute. It can keep warming you around 3 hours. Red is max temperature. Press it again, the button will become blue.Blue is medium temperature which is 50 degrees. Press it again, it becomes green. Green is low temperature, which is 45 degrees. There are 3 heat zones inside the jacket. Two on chest and one on back. The heat elements is alloy heating wire. Its bending resistance is more than 10000 times. It is much safer than carbon fiber. And it can heat much quicker. We also have the style of heated jacket.


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