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Garment Industry under Carbon Tax
Author: MIG CLOTHING LIMITED Time:2010-6-28

Carbon tax is a kind of environmental tax decided by the amount of carbon emission during product processing. In practice, it also takes the form of energy tax, in which circumstance the fuel price will increase and the cost will be taken by the end users. During the investment of enterprises, carbon tax has a fixed reference cost.
It is learned that carbon or energy tax has already been implemented in the North European countries:  Denmark, Finland, Netherland, Norway and Sweden. France will also put it into practice in 2010.
According to some officers of Ministry of Finance, China might deepen the reform of resource tax and began environmental tax this year. The reform of resource tax may focus on expanding the tax scale and raising the tax rate, turning lump-sum tax into progressive tax. Meanwhile, the taxation would cover both producing and consuming process. Officers of Ministry of Environmental Protection say that China would turn the current resource tax into carbon tax. Currently, every province is preparing energy-saving fund for local enterprises.

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