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HP2160 Cordless heated cushion with a built-in infrared heating element

  • Nothing can compare with comfort, coziness and warmth in winter. Today Id like to share this winter warm products heated pillow with you. Firstly, this heated back pillow features a unique and innovative design, surpassing the functions of other heating pads and ordinary pillows, while giving the perfect balance between fluffy and supportive. As a throw pillow, it looks stylish for your home decoration and proves to be durable and long-lasting. This heating pillow gives you the most comfortable experience. Consider it a gift option for your family and friends. Secondly, this heated cushion has personalized settings. The heating back pillow features 3 heat settings, high, medium, and low, allowing you to customize the desired temperature to relieve fatigue and muscle stiffness, so as to meet your different needs and bring you a more comfortable experience. Our heating back cushion is here to save the day. Thank you for listening. Follow us for more tips!


Created on:2023-03-01 13:53

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