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HB2200 Heated Throw Electric Heated Blanket and Throws Cordless Wrap Shawl for Women, Small Heated Blanket Wearable

  • USB Power Design: this travel heated blanket can be plugged into USB ports such as car USB adapters, power banks, home adapters, office USB ports, and more; Whether at home, at office, in the car or camping, this heated blanket will quickly warm you up.

    ELECTRIC SHAWL BLANKETAfter plugging in, the heating blanket heats up quickly and evenly, which can make you feel warm and comfortable in a short time and dispel the winter cold.  Working temperature 42°C±5°C. Working temperature depends on ambient temperature.

    Safe and Sturdy: The 100* 70cm(39 * 27in) heated blanket is made of flannel that is skin-friendly and suitable for full-body use. The plush soft materials gently wrap you in comfort and warmth during cold days.

    The heated shawl is made of quality flannel cloth, equipped with the safe and durable USB interface and control switch; The heating wire that can quickly heat up is installed inside the blanket, and the overall workmanship is fine.


    About this item

    ★Save on Utility Expenses: Using our heating blanket while turning off your thermostat can save 68-90% a year on your heating bill (based on the size of your electric heated blanket). This is the best way to save money in winter. Turn off the heater now and use our electric blanket and watch the savings grow. Get warm, get cozy with heated blanket.

    ★The electric blanket is made of high-quality fabrics, with flannel on the surface, it is a soft and fluffy fabric, which is lighter than it looks.

    ★The USB port electric blanket can be heated anytime and anywhere, which is different from the traditional electric blanket. It can be used in many occasions, such as at home, in a car, traveling, watching sports events, etc. You can use it in the office or other environments without hesitation. The USB blanket can be powered by mobile power, computer, car, socket, etc.

    ★Can be used on the whole body, such as knees, shoulders and buttocks. It is especially suitable for people who are afraid of cold and need to pay attention to the back and lower abdomen to keep warm.

    ★Helps to improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism, reduce muscle stiffness, etc., activate blood and keep the body warm. It is the perfect gift for the elderly, lovers or friends. The best Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts.

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