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HP2125 12V Heated pants liner for motorcycle riders

  • *Our motorcycle pants provides added protection on cold chilly mornings and windy days.

    *Superior, multi-material main shell construction for durability, with abrasion and tear-resistant panels in critical impact areas, such as the knees, and thighs. We use swimsuit elastic fabric for the back side.

    *We have a cable to connect this pants to the motorcycle battery to provide long lasting warmth. machine washable, windproof pants.

    *Our heating elements are precision engineered, three temperature heat settings with a single motorcycle battery. Red light 60 degrees Celsius, blue 50 degrees and blue 45 degrees. The heat zone covers the whole thigh and knees which is warm and cozy while riding motorcycle.

    *Elastic waistband which is flexible and comfortable. The fabric is elastic, comfortable to the touch, soft and comfortable to wear, the fabric is environmentally protective and does not fade, the elasticity is large, and the hand feels comfortable. It can be worn inside or worn alone.

    *This puffy, padded, lightweight heated pant is your new go-to for outdoor games, motorcycling, bike riding, trekking and taking walks with your dog!We can print the company logo on the motorcycle safety liner pants. The styles can be also customized according to your request.

Created on:2023-03-01 11:02

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