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HV2122 Heated motorcycle vest liner powered by motorcycle battery

  • The shell fabric is soft shell. Soft shell fabric has 3 layers, outside layer is 95% polyester & 5% Spandex, middle layer is TPU which is waterproof and breathable. Armpit part uses elastic fabric for more flexibility. The lining is double-layer mesh silver fabric which can reflect heat to keep you warm. The vest is of the highest quality materials combining a water resistant cotton/polyester exterior with an mesh and aramid lining.

    There are 4 heat zones. Two on chests, one big heat zone on back and one on neck. 4 heat zones are enough for making the core body parts warm. From there you can cycle through the high, medium and low temperature, that is 60/50/45 degrees each.  This heated vest is powered by motorcycle battery directly. It has a cable in the pocket to connect motorcycle batteries. The cable can work at -40 degrees Celsius. There are 3 fuses, 5A, 10A and 15A. You can choose one as your need.The innovative part is the controller button. This is newly developed. As you know, when accelerating the motorcycle, the voltage and current will increase. When the voltage is more than 14V, the controller will cut current automatically. When the voltage becomes 12V, the current will come back. This controller can prevent overheat. The controller button is at the hem. It is convenient for you to adjust the temperature when you are riding.

Created on:2023-02-28 14:58

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